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Nelly Loving 3-on-3 Overtime Is A Huge Win For The Game Of Hockey

2017 Bridgestone NHL Winter Classic - Chicago Blackhawks v St Louis Blues

For the first time in the 100-year history of the NHL, the league finally landed a music artist that wasn’t complete trash. Yesterday, Nelly performed at the Winter Classic in St. Louis. Nelly and outdoor hockey in January. They go together like lamb and tuna fish. So much so that I’m pretty sure the Centennial Classic between the Maple Leafs and Red Wings converted Nelly into the newest NHL super fan.

I couldn’t agree more, Nelly. 3-on-3 overtime is pretty heckin’ sweet. That shit is hard. 3v3 OT is very exciting. Ever since it was introduced to the league last season, 3-on-3 overtime has been the best thing to ever happen to the game. The New Years Day game in Toronto was no exception. Here’s Nelly elaborating a little more on why he fucks so hard with 3-on-3 overtime. Via Puck Daddy:

“That was sick. When you actually get a chance to see it in action, you see how tired those guys have to be. It’s so fast,” he said, snapping his fingers for emphasis, “they go back and forth, switching lines. It’s dope.”

You hear that, everybody? “It’s dope”. Straight from the mouth of Nelly. For the first time in a long time, it feels like hockey made a real major step toward overtaking football and basketball and baseball as the #1 sport in America. If Nelly loves 3-on-3 overtime, then everybody has to love 3-0n-3 overtime. That’s just a basic rule of life. Only thing left for the NHL to do now is to switch to strictly 3v3 hockey and maybe have Nike make some Air Force One skates. It’s all up from here.

P.S. – A lot of people were giving Bob Costas shit for this Nelly pun yesterday.

“If it’s gettin hot in herre, then take off all your pads”.

I’m sorry but if you can’t love dorky Bob Costas hitting that dad joke straight out of Busch Stadium, then you have a massive dump in your pants. Dude is 64-years-old and whiter than a pool full of mayo, but still found a way to nail that one. He didn’t become one of the greatest sports broadcasters with pinkeye ever by accident.