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Donald Trump Thought Vince McMahon's Television, Story Line Death Was Real

This story is going around the interwebs today, and it’s worth blogging because 1) it’s going viral, and 2) it’s good to know President-elect Trump still believes in wrestling. Here’s the story, originally told by HHH (fast forward to 2:50):

Fucking incredible. Imagine the scene where Trump sees a clip of Vince’s limo blowing up, and freaks out, not realizing 1) it’s a television show, and 2) IT’S A TELEVISION SHOW.

However, I love that he’s still a mark. It’s still real to him, dammit! Just no concept of wrestling being a scripted television show. He’s like a toddler- he saw Vince get into the limo, he saw the limo blow up, Vince must be dead. Pretty awesome.