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Ichiro Suzuki Collects The 3,000th Hit Of His Major League Career

Miami Marlins v. Colorado Rockies

He was going to Cooperstown anyway, but this is the final stamp on Ichiro Suzuki’s Hall of Fame resume. I thought it was really, really cool of the Mariners to celebrate this as if he were still in Seattle. Kind of like how the city of Boston had a parade for Ray Bourque when he won a Stanley Cup in Colorado. Same idea. They showed Ichiro’s 3,000th hit on the big board at Safeco Field during Seattle’s 3-1 victory against the Angels, and Mariners fans rose to their feet to give Ichiro a well-deserved standing ovation.

With that triple, Ichiro becomes the 30th member of the 3,000 hit club, all of which are Hall of Famers, with the exception of Derek Jeter, who will be, and Pete Rose, Alex Rodriguez, and Rafael Palmeiro, who might never be. But there’s no doubt that Ichiro will become a member of the Hall of Fame Class of (insert the year, five years after he retires).