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The Younger Sister From Modern Family Can't Stop Won't Stop Being Super Sexy On Instagram

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Am I gonna go to jail for this? I hope not. She’s 18 so it should be fine. Alex Dunphy is all grown up! Looking real good. That bath tub picture is well……..well it’s something. For years and years and years all the focus was on Haley Dunphy and for good reason. She’s hot. But her TV sister might fly right by her. Her name is Ariel Winter and I’ve seen her name in the news recently for people body shaming her or something? Well those people can GTFO cause she’s hot. I’m just gonna say it cause we’re all thinking it. Does it feel weird that we watched a girl grow up on TV and now we’re calling her hot? Yeah it does. But that’s life I guess.


PS- This is kind of a odd question but why is Modern Family shot mockumentary-style? Do they ever explain it? I only recently started watching some episodes and they have yet to explain it. At least on The Office they sorta explain why they’re being followed around by cameras. But in MF there is no explanation whatsoever as to why members of the family are doing interview segments or how they’re able to look directly into the camera like Jim Halpert does. Kinda drives me crazy. The show is hilarious it’s just weird to never explain it.