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I Love That Cespedes Is Tweeting About Rihanna's Album


That tweet is why we all should have known that Yoenis Cespedes was never leaving New York.  Sure you could say that the reason he tweeted this out is because both Yo and Rihanna are repped by ROCNATION.  But I will read between the lines and guess that Yo is looking to slide into those mentions, followed by those DMs, followed by, well you know.   All you have to do is go back to the words of another Cuban (albeit a fictional one) about life and connect the dots, people


Yoenis has a 3-year/$75 million contract, with the ability to opt out after one year and $27.5M.  He is good-looking and confident as fuck.  And he is the best position player on the best team in New York and maybe all of baseball.  Along with Mets pitchers, he is going to own this city.  Money: Check.  Power: Check.  I imagine Rihanna only fucks with guys that are in NYC or L.A.  She’s not going to Washington D.C. and certainly no going to Bodymore, Murdaland to see her man.  So I’m calling it now.  Yo and Rihanna will become a power couple in the next year. And just like all good love stories, it started with a tweet.

Also, these are the kind of things Sandy needs to keep in mind during next year’s negotiations if/when Yo opts out.  The only real competitors for Cespedes will be the Yankees, Dodgers or Angels.  Don’t forget that.