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Junior Hockey Trainer Drops The Shit Out Of A Ref After He Punched A Player

So there’s a lot to unpack here in this fight so let’s just go through it point by point, shall we? It all starts off with the captain of the London Lakers (team in white) #73 laying the body on the opposing goalie.


Yeah, you can’t do that. I mean personally, I think you should. But obviously when you decide to deck the goalie like that out of nowhere, you’re going to catch a few fists coming your way. So the ensuing line brawl took place which is nothing out of the ordinary, especially in some random Jr A league where kids are just looking to throw hands at any chance they get. But things get a little dicey when the ref throws a “punch” at #73 after breaking up the fisticuffs.


Now at this point, #73 is the absolute worst person on that ice. He sold the shit out of that. Made it look like he caught the right hand of Bob Probert or something. Did the ref catch him on the chin? Yeah, maybe. But the ref already had that fight broken up and he decided to throw another shot in while the other guy was just laying there on the ice. So he deserved to get put on his ass whether it was by the ref or by the other play. Unfortunately for the ref, however, you’re not really allowed to do that so out comes the greatest trainer hockey has to offer.


Shoot first, ask questions later. Love this guy’s style. As soon as he saw the captain get dropped like that, he sprung into action like a bat out of hell. You ever try running across the ice wearing shoes? Almost impossible to not slip and bust your ass. But this dude was on a mission to kick that ref’s ass and far be it from a lack of friction to keep him from doing so. You can’t draw it up any better than that. Acquired his target, locked on and went for the kill. Now all of a sudden we have 2 dead guys laying on the ice and it’s just another Saturday in the Southern Ontario Junior Hockey League. Gotta imagine the ref and the trainer are both searching for new jobs today but at least they went out in fashion.