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The John Calipari Press Conference Was Nothing But Lies, Sales And Weirdness - Highlighted By The Tyson Chicken Guy Getting A Standing Ovation

Just got done watching a guy I defended arguably more than anyone be introduced as the new head coach at Arkansas. It was weird watching a guy you defend play the hits just in a different color quarter zip. It was the John Calipari sales show. That's all he was doing. Hell, it started with the Tyson Chicken guy getting a standing ovation: 

Yeah, I mean if I'm an Arkansas fan of course I'm clapping for the ultra rich guy who is friends with my new coach. But rarely do you see the donor getting the pop like the Undertaker just showed up to save Cody Rhodes. Except this story is already finished. There was nothing 'new' from Calipari. He played the hits. 

Heard that before! In fact heard that quite often! Look, no one is shocked Calipari sounded good during the press conference. The guy is elite on the mic. It's basically like whenever the Rock shows up in WWE. Wonder how many more ties to WrestleMania I can make since this announcement happened right before the main event? Cal always has been the best salesman in college basketball. He knows what to say, who to say it to and how to win a press conference. 

But not doing the cult pig call thing? 


Makes you think that Calipari is too good for the hog call, huh? I remember every other coach doing it. Wonder if he's truly even bought in, would be a shame. And for anyone who is saying I'm bitter, let me be clear here. If my mother took the Arkansas job I'd boo her and resent her. That goes for anyone who is trying to beat Kentucky. Calipari happened to leave for a team in the conference and competing directly with the team I love more than anything. No shit I want him to lose every single game of his career there. 

That said, hilarious the AD openly admitted he's only used to seeing these crowds when Kentucky rolls in: 

It always has been, always will be Kentucky as the draw. Doesn't matter who the coach is. I thank the chicken dude for taking the $33 million off of our books. That's a gift. Now it's time for Kentucky to find a new coach. Fine. It was time for a breakup. Plus, none of what Cal says matters until it's March anyways. Trust me, trust me more than anyone when it comes to that. It's easy to buy in to the guy who was made to talk. When it comes to not playing through a big man and defending Jack Gohlke in the NCAA Tournament, we'll see. 

See you in Rupp, Cal. And Arkansas fans, welcome to the John Calipari experience. You'll feel good in moments like this, but the time will come. Just know the time will come.