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UConn Has Finally Landed After The Entire Airline Industry + The CORRUPT NCAA Plotted Against Them To Make Their Travel To Arizona An Absolute Nightmare

The entire world has been against the Connecticut UConn Huskies since Dan Hurley came to Storrs to rejuvenate the program. 

-NCAA selection committee hates them (Hardest region 2 years in a row)

-Awful hotel rooms in Vegas last year, had stuff stolen, somebody could've been killed

-SportsCenter never leads with them

-Big East is screwed over time and time again, FOX barely promotes them

-They overinflated the balls so they would shoot worse from 3 in an attempt to get them out of the tournament early

I could go on and on....and then last night happened. The entire airline industry came together to make UConn's travel to Arizona as hard as possible. Reags blogged it initially:

But that was 8:10 PM EST. What if I told you that the plane didn't take off until after 1am:

Finally, at 6:18am EST, the plane landed in Arizona:

To make matters even worse, they had to fly into Mesa…the worst airport in America some are saying. 

I want to be the first person to get this out there….UConn will NOT be attending any media requirements today or tomorrow. They need two full sleep cycles until they're ready for anything other than practice and rest. If the media wants to forgo one of their 85 happy hours over the next 48 hours and come to the hotel, the team will be there for an hour of media availability, but outside of that? No media availability. Sorry. We do not make the rules.


And if the NCAA doesn't agree to our terms? We will expose them for inflating the basketballs with too much air so teams like UConn would not shoot well from 3 and the Zach Edey's of the world would dominate. We have the documents ready. The ball is in your court. 

This is insane. Working with UConn? There's nothing to work on. UConn will show up when they can. Have you seen the countless studies that have been published linking sleep and athletic performance? Or is the NCAA just brain-dead? That's not even a true question anymore, it's rhetorical. 

If the NCAA requires UConn to do ANY media, they're showing us in BROAD DAYLIGHT that they want UConn to lose. Everything else has been behind closed doors. 

I am pounding my keyboard as I write this blog at 7:30 AM. Why am I up? I haven't slept since I heard about the travel issues. Been trying to get to the bottom of this. 


Look at Andrew Hurley's IG story:

They're trying everything and anything to make this team human.