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UConn vs The World: The Men's Team Is Currently Stuck In Connecticut Without A Plane To Fly Them To The Final Four

WHERE IS RICO BOSCO? If the man who claims to have the most powerful phone on the East coast and recent diehard Alabama fan (of 2-3 years) isn't up to something then what else could it be? You're telling me I'm just sitting back and supposed to believe UConn of all teams is having logistical issues to get to the Final Four? There's only one man who I think is capable of this


Now obviously it's a shitshow when you're talking about multiple planes trying to get to Connecticut to pick the team up and not getting there with time to spare for media availability. But, I'm not dumb. This is a HUGE advantage for UConn. Why? Dan Hurley will use this as a form of disrespect. He'll swing this into a 'the skies are against UConn, the FAA rules are against UConn, everyone is against UConn' despite being a heavy favorite. That's what Dan Hurley is elite at. Well, sure, he's an elite coach who runs one of the best offensive schemes we've seen in college basketball, but the man is somehow better at feeding his team all this negative slander against them. 

Part of me wants to say it's good to know that even the tournament favorite is also having flight issues like the rest of us bums. That said, how does the NCAA not set up roughly 42 backup options here? It's UConn! Outside of DJ Burns that's the one team you should make sure gets to Arizona first. But I'm looking into it more than that. This is a good thing for UConn. You now have an extra pissed off Dan Hurley. He's gonna be foaming at the mouth to use this slander and frankly I'd be scared if I was Alabama.