Caitlin Clark Dropped 41 Points As Iowa Gets Their Sweet Revenge By Ending Angel Reese, Kim Mulkey, And LSU's Season

Thought I'd get a blog up for the boys down below to have a little something to chew on after their dinner tonight. A nice tasty dessert, if you will. And I'm sure everyone was watching (had to break the 10 million viewers record), but here's a few highlights in case anyone missed it.

It all started in the warmups, when Angel Reese placed a crown on the LSU bench right in front of Caitlin Clark......


I get LSU is the reigning National Champ, but bold move by poking the bear before the game. And then Caitlin Clark came out and hit two bombs to start the game, sending the place in a frenzy.

From there, Angel Reese completely took over the rest of the quarter, taking LSU from down 17-9 to up 31-26. She was the best player on the court there for a little while, scoring 8 straight for the Tigers.

The game was absolutely electric, going into the half tied at 45, but from the opening whistle of the 3rd quarter, it was Caitlin Clark time.


Then up 10 with under 2:00 to play, the Iowa faithful got exactly what they wanted……Angel Reese fouled out on a charge.

…….and no, Caitlin didn't do anything despite her biggest fan offering his left nut for a reaction….

Look I'm not trying to get too much into it, but the people that said Men act like Angel Reese did all the time are flat out wrong. Not when one team is about to lose a National Championship they don't. And Caitlin had every right to give a goodbye rebuttal tonight, but she didn't. Well, she did with 41 points…..


Iowa is on to the Final Four… Cleveland. Should I go? Trent, need a drinking buddy?

Oh, and here's one for you all to chew on down there in the comment section:

That'll get the people going.