MLB Fanatics Jersey Update Through The First Weekend Of The Season: Sweating Players Look Like They Took a Shower In Them And The Small Lettering Draws Comparisons To Little League

In the event you thought the great MLB jersey crisis of 2024 was all behind us after a tumultuous spring training, well think again! The opening weekend of regular season baseball was met with embarrassment as we got to see these things in action. There are many issues with the quality and presentation of the uniform, but the biggest might be how little resistance they provide to checks notes sweat. 


I mean this is hilarious. Never seen anything like it in my life. 

If I didn't know any better I'd assume someone pranked Rodon and dumped a whole cooler of water on him during the game. Nope, that was about two innings worth of sweat. Carlos had to change jerseys halfway through his outing to have any shot out there. And remember, this was a March game in Houston. Yes it was humid, but what's gonna happen in July with the sun beating down on you across the country? What about games played through rain? But don't worry guys, they're lighter and more breathable. 

The small lettering continues to be a joke. I had a better appearance with my travel team jerseys when I was 12 years old. 

It's nearly impossible they saw what the old jerseys looked like and decided this was the way to go. 

The side by side comparison of what used to be is crazy. 


Even worse, they look ridiculous being worn by fans. Imagine spending money on these? You could honestly get better looking jerseys from a knock off Chinese company. 

The good news is that Fanatics CEO Michael Rubin accepted all blame and accountability about the fiasco. Just kidding, when asked about what's going on he deflected blame and saw nothing wrong with how his company has handled this. Also had the balls to say over time these jerseys will be viewed as an improvement. 

(The Athletic) “We’ve purely been doing exactly as we’re told — we’ve been told we’ve done everything exactly right — and we’re getting the s— kicked out of ourselves every day right now,”

“That’s not fun. Normally when I get beat up it’s because I actually did something wrong.”

“In this particular case, Nike designs everything, hands us a spec and says, ‘Make this,’” Rubin said. “We have made everything exactly to the spec. Nike and baseball would say, yes, you’ve done everything we’ve asked you to do. Part of changing a uniform is people get uncomfortable, and it takes time (to adjust).”

Rubin said he thinks Nike’s uniforms will be regarded as an improvement over time.

Luckily Rob Manfred stepped in to be the voice of reason

“I think after people wear them a little bit, they are going to be very popular” 

Yeah we've got no hope. 

And then there's this from yesterday…the Mariners couldn't rock their classic Sunday cream jerseys because they weren't delivered yet. Season snuck up on Fanatics, couldn't expect them to be ready given the unknown timeframe of regular season baseball. 

You won't believe it, but the same company that has struggled to offer teams matching pants to their jerseys also can't find a way to deliver things on time. 


Baseball just refuses to get out of its own way. I fucking love this sport. I'll move plans around all summer just to make sure I can watch games whenever I want, yet it's truly the dumbest sport in existence. I can't get enough.