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LSU's Hailey Van Lith Defends Her Teammates Against "Racist" Comments In The LA Times That Have Since Been Updated


We're 24 hours away from a national championship rematch between LSU and Iowa in the Elite 8 that will easily be the most watched women's basketball game this season. It doesn't take a genius to see why both the LA Times and the Washington Post are writing articles on LSU's team and their coach for some easy pageviews. The Post ran their hit piece on Mulkey hours before the UCLA matchup:

And the LA Times ran a piece about the LSU team being the villains of the sport where they called LSU "dirty debutantes":

Listen, you don't have to like LSU, but imagine going to journalism school for four years, then covering UCLA sports for 24 years and writing something like this? We talk a lot about the sad state of journalism and this is yet another example. Milk and cookies vs Louisiana hot sauce is all this guy could come up with? Just say LSU started slow and hasn't looked as dominant as they were last year and are actually beatable this year or something. Say Mulkey is a fiery coach and the game will be complete fireworks. Who is reading the Times to read this fella's diatribe laced in an attempt at creativity? Subscribers to the ball don't lie theory may pin that to why LSU ended up beating UCLA.

There's virtually no consequences for this type of stuff either, considering you can just edit it out and say it "did not meet editorial standards":


Let's keep sports to sports. We've got an unbelievable matchup tomorrow night and it will be the end of a college career for Caitlin Clark or HVL and (potentially) Angel Reese before they go to the WNBA. And love her or hate her, Van Lith did a great job trying to keep to just that when she came in defense of her teammates. 

Inject that game into my veins without any of this extra nonsense.