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Jim Harbaugh Calls JJ McCarthy's Pro Day "Literally The Best I've Ever Seen"

On Saturday I told you about the greatest pro day in the history of pro days:


It's sad that we needed to see him throw a football on a DOT 60 yards down the field to finally wake up to America's QB, but that's the fake news society we live in. 

Now, Jim Harbaugh is letting us all know how great of a QB JJ McCarthy truly is. Not only did he say it was the greatest pro day he's ever seen, but he says JJ is the best QB in the class:

According to the national championship-winning coach, nobody plays QB better than JJ McCarthy plays QB:

What an incredibly based quote. The funny thing is we have to sit back and take the disrespect of this opinion from Harbaugh. Never have I seen a QB as successful as JJ McCarthy get so much hate. I'm not 100% sure why. It's a fake news narrative that has overtaken his aura, to which he pays no mind. 


They said he'd never beat Ohio State…he did that (3 times).

They said he'd never win a CFP game….he did that.

They said he'd fold with the game on the line……he didn't and drove Michigan down the field against Alabama late in the 4th.

They said he'd never win a national championship…..he did that.

I could go on and on.

Now they're saying that he isn't going to be a good NFL QB. That he's going to be a bust. What does history tell us about the JJ McCarthy doubters? That's a question I'll leave for YOU to answer.