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We Just Had A Vicious BITE In The UFC, Leading To The Biter Immediately Getting Fired By Dana White


I know most of you are probably locked in on March Madness tonight - and those of you who aren't are locked in on Ice Con - but I need to interrupt that regularly scheduled programming to inform you that we just had a fucking BITE in the UFC. Not just a little nibble, either; this was a VICIOUS bite, courtesy of Igor Severino in his UFC debut. 

Here's the moment it happened, which was super awkward/confusing in real time.... 

They stopped the fight immediately and disqualified Severino, and then as soon as they cut to Andre Lima (who was also debuting tonight) showing the camera his arm - there was no question on what happened. 

Irrefutable evidence right there - the teeth mark fit like Cinderella's slipper.

Not only is "Loss - Biting" now forever logged on Igor Severino's record….


Severino was also immediately cut/fired by the UFC, according to Dana White via Kevin Iole….

Another one bites the dust.

On the flip side, Andre Lima was given the first ever "I Got Fucking Bit" Bonus….

It's one of the wildest things I've ever seen in the UFC for sure. Thank god it was his arm and not a finger/nose/ear (the Tyson Special). This is apparently the 26th time the biting result has been logged on Tapology, but the first in the UFC,…

I need to know what was going through Severino's head when he decided his best course of action in the clinch was to bite Lima's inner bicep. Did he panic? Did he think he could get away with it? Did he just hate Lima enough to throw away the win for the chance to bite him? What the hell happened in his mind? We put literal savages in the ring together at Rough N Rowdy and this doesn't even happen there! You go and sink your teeth into a dude in your UFC debut, you have to be a lunatic! 


I'll let you all get back to March Madness now. Let me know if any of the basketball players bite each other.