Caitlin Clark Complained So Much To The Officials Today That Her Dad Yelled At Her From The Crowd To Shut Up

Listen I'm the biggest Caitlin Clark fan there is.....but my god does she give her haters plenty of ammo. This girl was flat out on one today, in perhaps the lowest stakes game that can be played in an NCAA Tournament setting. I mean, Iowa is the #1 seed, playing against the #16 seed Holy Cross who had to play their way into the tournament, and she's at home in Iowa City. You would THINK today would be a day where she could calm down a bit and enjoy her last ride, right? NOPE! She was out here complaining to her dad about the officials (until he told her to shut up):


Getting in the refs face at halftime:

Head-butting the basketball:

And setting screens to the face with her forearms.

At the end of the day, she went for 27, 10, and 8 and the Hawkeyes are moving on, so who cares how she behaved. And I personally think that Caitlin Clark can do whatever the fuck she wants. She's the biggest star in the game, Mens or Womens, so she doesn't need to change for anyone. And I absolutely love her and her competitive fire and spirit and honestly, how much she pisses everyone the fuck off and keeps playing her game. BUT, the "Angel Reese wouldn't get a pass for this" crowd is out in full force today.


My God, if there is one, please let #1 Iowa and #3 LSU meet up in the Elite 8……