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Kendrick Lamar Killed Drake And J Cole Out Of The Blue On A New Track Last Night

Yes, Barstool Backstage twitter, he did.

The drop of We Don’t Trust You by Future and Metro Boomin has the scene buzzing big time (well, the first chunk of it, anyway). 

This 17-track monster clocks in at around an hour, and man, it’s got everyone up in arms in no time flat. Kendrick Lamar, pulling a move reminiscent of his “Control” days, threw some heavy punches at Drake and J. Cole in “Like That.” 

(Cold blooded)

And wouldn’t you know, this overshadowed Big Sean’s “Whole Time” freestyle from just the day before — ironic, since Sean’s the one who gave Kendrick the mic on “Control.”

Seems like the Drake vs. Kendrick saga, which was more or less a cold case lately after their back-and-forth through the 2010s and a spicy, never-aired ESPN face-off, 

just got reignited thanks to Kendrick’s bars in “Like That.” 

He came hard with his shots and didn’t veil anything, “Motherfuck the big three, it’s just big me,” he’s not just reigniting old flames; he’s potentially dragging J. Cole into the fray too. 

Which sucks, because I think Cole and Kendrick are #1 and #2 alive and at their peaks right now.

But drama aside, "Like That" bangs hard on its own. Metro's genius flip of Rodney O and Joe Cooley's "Everlasting Bass" sets the stage, 


with Future tearing it up right from the jump. That track alone was set to be a standout, but then Kendrick had to step in, dropping a verse that was as ruthless as it is blazing.

calling out Drake's For All The Dogs with lines that cut deep, and didn't shy away from pointing the finger at both Drake and Cole, basically calling out the whole "bros before woes" act they've got going. Seems like Kendrick's done playing nice, and while J. Cole has been on friendly tracks with Kendrick before, the real tension's with Drake, who Kendrick cannot fucking stand because he uses ghostwriters. (allegedly)

The only thing that makes no sense to me is why would Future get in the middle of all of this, and allow Kendrick to spout all this on his album, when he and Drake are as close as they are, maintaining a close working and personal relationship. I get that selling albums/streams is easiest done through stirring up controversy, but I don't see Drake taking this well.


[Verse 2: Kendrick Lamar]

These nias talkin' out of they necks

Don't pull no coffin out of your mouth, I'm way too paranoid for a threat

Ayy-ayy, let's get it, bro

D-O-T, the money, power, respect

The last one is better

Say, it's a lot of goofies with a check

I mean, ah, I hope them sentiments symbolic

Ah, my temperament bipolar, I choose violence

Okay, let's get it up, it's time for him to prove that he's a problem

Niggas clickin' up, but cannot be legit, no 40 Water, tell 'em

Ah, yeah, huh, yeah, get up with me

Fuck sneak dissin', first person shooter, I hope they came with three switches

I crash out, like, "Fuck rap," diss Melle Mel if I had to

Got 2TEEZ with me, I'm snatchin' chains and burnin' tattoos, it's up

Lost too many soldiers not to play it safe

If he walk around with that stick, it ain't Andre 3K

Think I won't drop the location? I still got PTSD

Motherfuck the big three, nigga, it's just big me

Nia, bum, what? I'm really like that

And your best work is a light pack

Nia, Prince outlived Mike Jack'

Nia, bum, 'fore all your dogs gettin' buried

That's a K with all these nines, he gon' see Pet Sematary

Ni**a, bum

[Chorus: Future & Kendrick Lamar]

Young dope dealer, sellin' dope, is you like that? (If you like that, yeah, yeah)

Kickin' doors, kickin' in doors, is you like that? (How?, yeah)

Young throwed nigga, sellin' lows, is you like that? (Holy water, Holy water, yeah)

All '24, you on go, is you like that? (If you like that)

Niggas from the bottom really like that (If you like that)

Steppin' in Balencis if you like that (If you like that)

Pop another bottle if you like that (If you like that)