Jim Harbaugh Reportedly Having A Garage Sale At His Michigan House Before Moving To LA Is Hilarious

This is great because all I can think about is Jim Harbaugh haggling prices with strangers on all of his stuff. He is far too rich to be doing a garage sale but since it is him, I am completely okay with it. I feel like a lot of people would pay top dollar for that Michigan football shirt. If anyone was at this garage sale, I need to hear from you immediately to see if he was the person who was making the final sales. You also know Jim was loving just sitting on a lawn chair for 7 hours on the driveway and chopping it up with the customers. I heard that Gary Vee was there after he was just ripping off the old lady down the street having her own garage sale.

The most concerning thing about Jim here how many snow globes he has. That is far too many snow globes to have in a household ever, they all do the same thing and you have to change up the souvenirs. I don't want to hear that its his wife's because he is 100 percent a snow globe guy. Even though I just shit on them, snow globes are kinda cool as shit because how do they get this snow to look so perfect? This garage sale is another example of elite Jim Harbaugh content.