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Woman Goes Viral For Saying There Is "Nothing Feminine" About American Women And Suggests They Should Be "Banned From Doing Manual Labor"

Back in May, Hannah Barron posted a TikTok to her 2 million followers about the house she was building. She probably didn't think much about it...and definitely has not thought about it in 2024. Why would she? It was a simple TikTok that got decent traction.

Fast forward to 10 months later. For some reason, Sameera Khan found the video on her TikTok and posted it on Twitter with quite the take about Hannah. She was the face of her "there is nothing feminine about American women" take. 

Some background on Sameera: Former Miss New Jersey, big-time supporter of Bernie Sanders, and now "anti-woke" journalist:

Sameera even hosted Twitter spaces with the Taliban about Andrew Tate…..Yes, that is a real sentence. 

Her latest anti-woke take focused on Hannah Barron's life as an outdoor content creator:

If you're wondering what the term "passport bros" means, don't worry you are not alone. "Passport bros" is an idea that originated in the "manosphere" thanks to American men going to other countries to find women:

With that out of the way, let's get back to the story at hand.

Hannah Barron is an outdoor influencer, who originally went viral for catching catfish. She even did a video with Sydnie Wells and Barstool Outdoors:


The thread turned into an attack on "tomboys." A term I haven't heard since elementary school:

Sameera even suggested if you were attracted to Hannah Barron, you're GAY.


This is a big moment for me as I have now just found out I am also gay, as I find Hannah attractive (hot take, I know):


The internet was not on Sameera's side…she just ended up being clowned by almost everyone:

There was one fella that was on Sameera's side…so much so he agreed with the assessment that if you are attracted to Hannah in any way you're "ghey:"


At first, I thought this account was trolling, but it turns out he is not:

He will not be bringing Hannah home to his mother:

Hannah released a response video to this in which she was completely unbothered:


"I don't have a Twitter, I did, but it was removed for whatever reason" was my favorite part of the video.

Being the smart woman she is, she knows this is only good for her online presence. You could bring up the "all press is good press" saying, but this hasn't even been bad press? 95% of the internet was on her side. 

Gotta say, seems like Hannah Barron is an independent, mature woman who would make a great girlfriend/wife. You could find a lot worse, especially from the high-maintenance perspective. I may just be "ghey" though….