Jake Paul Is Set To Fight Mike Tyson In July On Netflix. Yes You Read That Right


I don't believe it. Jake Paul was fighting up the ladder against real boxers and if this is actually real, the whole respect of Jake Paul is completely gone. Mike Tyson is 57 years old and I am sure he can still throw a mean punch but what are we doing here? He was just starting to gain a little respect in the boxing world doing the right thing, climbing up the ladder and now his next boxing event is going to be sponsored by AARP. 

I just don't believe it. I don't think Jake is that stupid to do this and I think it is going to be something completely different. The only thing fucking me up is, it lands on a date where he would be ready for his next fight. I am sorry, I am at a loss of words because I have been defending this bastard by saying that he is now doing it the right way and now he is fighting Mike Tyson. 

When I saw this post this morning I thought this was going to be an Out of Order sketch or some shit. This is a sketch people do to make fun of Jake Paul and I am not going to believe anything even though Netflix tweeted it out until Jake says something. The sick thing is I will watch the shit out of this to see what Mike Tyson can still do. We saw it a couple years ago what he can still do and it wasn't much. What fucking world are we living in. 

Promotion promotion promotion if I’m being honest it don’t need that.. The biggest fight of the 21st century, in the biggest NFL stadium in the US, broadcast live, on the biggest streaming platform in the world…that’s the MVP way. Whether you’re tuning in on Netflix or showing out in person, whether you’re team Paul or team Tyson, or whether you’re a lifelong boxing fan or watching your first fight, you’re not going to want to miss this event. I could not be more excited to make this amazing fight available to all Netflix subscribers alongside the hardest hitter of all time, Mike Tyson, on Saturday, July 20th. My sights are set on becoming a world champion, and now I have a chance to prove myself against the greatest heavyweight champion of the world, the baddest man on the planet and the most dangerous boxer of all time.  Time to put Iron Mike to sleep.