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Another Win For The Good Guys: Shane Gillis Self-Funded Sitcom "Tires" Gets Picked Up By Netflix

Source - Netflix has acquired the independently produced sitcom “Tires” from stand-up comedian Shane Gillis, who stars and serves as an exec producer. The six-episode scripted comedy, which was self-financed, will premiere on May 23.

As part of the deal with Gillis, Netflix will also produce a new stand-up special with the comedian — his second for the streamer, following last fall’s “Beautiful Dogs.” The news comes in the wake of Gillis’ “Saturday Night Live” hosting gig this past weekend.

Gillis is also a writer and the co-creator of “Tires,” which stars Steven Gerben as Will, “the nervous and unqualified heir to an auto repair chain.” Will attempts to turn his father’s business around “despite constant torture from his cousin and now employee, Shane (Shane Gillis).”

Gillis’ frequent collaborator John McKeever is the director on “Tires,” which comes from Gillis’ and McKeever’s production company, Dad Sick Productions. Gerben and McKeever are also creators, writers and EPs on “Tires,” along side Gillis.

Well well well. Chalk this one up as another win for the good guys. Apologies for the Shane suckfest that's been happening on the blog as of late, but he deserves it. Less than a year ago he was getting choked out in a pool by the man of Joey's dreams Taylor Lewan...

and now the career flood gates have opened. Who'd have thought that SNL was going to pave the way for Shane's re-entry to the "mainstream" media yet here we are. 

The decision by Netflix to pick up Gillis’ new series comes after his most recent Netflix special, “Shane Gillis: Beautiful Dogs,” was a hit for the streamer last fall. The special, which was directed by McKeever (the “Keeves” of “Gilly and Keeves”), landed in Netflix’s top 10 rankers for several weeks. That repped Gillis’ second stand-up special, following the 2021 YouTube release “Shane Gillis: Live in Austin.”

I feel like we're finally reaching the point where funny is once again trumping all. Like even the kid with down syndrome is defending Shane talking about down syndrome during his opening monologue…

The rational voices of America are once again louder than the extreme minority…and it's about damn time. Funny over everything. Congrats to Shane. See ya when I see ya baby boy. *Kissy emoji