The Orlando Airport Now Has a Pass That Allows You Into the Terminal To Shop and Dine Without a Plane Ticket and Anyone Who Uses It Is a Genuine Psychopath

Every once in a while, you see an idea so insane that you just want to speak with whoever is responsible for it just to get an idea of what the hell was going on in their mind at the time they came up with it. Such is the feeling that came over me when I saw this new pass offered by MCO that will allow people to head to the airport without having a flight. That's right, if you find that all the theme parks and attractions in Orlando aren't really your speed, you can spend a day checking out all that the new C Terminal at Orlando International Airport has to offer.

I'm sure there are some lovely people who have taken advantage of this experience and I hope they had a great time. But with all due respect, if you're spending a day at the airport — the Orlando Airport at that — just to have brunch or shop, you need to be locked up for a month before we let you back into society. Something is off upstairs.


Are these real people? Have they ever seen a TSA line at MCO? I fly into/out of O'Hare and Hartsfield-Jackson often and neither of the two supposedly busiest airports in America hold a candle to the atrocity that is the TSA experience in Orlando. I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy and there are people driving to MCO, parking their cars and waiting in the security line for the right to have a $25 sandwich. This country is lost.

If I ever find out someone I know has been to the Orlando International Airport for fun, I will not be able to look at them the same. This is psychotic behavior.