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The First Picture Of SBF In Jail Has Leaked And He Kinda Looks Tough?


Sometimes you see a photo and you do anything to try and convince yourself that it is AI. That is where I have been at for the last thirty minutes inspecting this photo of fallen FTX-lunatic SBF. He hasn't been sentenced yet, that's coming in March, but apparently he's in some good company at MDC Brooklyn? Why does he look kinda hard? If he hit the gym over the next few years, and he's facing at a minimum of 70 months in prison under federal sentencing guidelines, he may come out looking like The Rock. 

You gotta wonder how these types of photos leak and who's even taking them in the first place. December 17th 2023? I thought it was maybe some like Christmas card that they were sending back home with all their newly found friends in those white walls. And why are they only showing the face of one dude? Journalism isn't dead, because the woman who initially released it actually interviewed the "ex-gang member" named G Lock who gave her the photo:

G Lock actually seems like a likable fellow, and it seems like SBF is making friends in jail despite being responsible for billions of dollars in fraud but I digress. Funny is funny when he said "Sam don't snitch on nobody, Sam is a gangster" and that he stands on all ten toes. Just some more proof we live in a simulation.