YES: We Have an Official Teaser for EA Sports College Football, 'Full Reveal in May'

I could cry. We've wandered through the wilderness for 11 years with no NCAA Football video game and now it's finally, officially, undoubtedly returning in just a few months. Our long nightmare is over.

People have been bitching for months that the game wasn't actually going to come out for whatever reason, so now everybody can shut the fuck up. Now we can have positive vibes only going forward for the return of NCAA Football.

That full gameplay trailer is going to be better than heroin. I've never done heroin, but I am certain even the most potent and euphoric of recreational drugs can't hold a candle to the first hit of the best video game series of all-time in more than a decade. Only three months to go.

The game just coming back isn't enough, though. EA Sports has had three years since it announced the game was returning to make sure this is the best sports game ever made. That is a lofty bar, but we have standards for this game and EA has had plenty of time to get it there. With the transfer portal and NIL, there's no reason Road To Glory shouldn't be one of the best game modes anyone has ever played. And the same goes for Dynasty mode: I want to work with my school's NIL collective to tamper with players on other teams and get them to enter the portal. The possibilities are endless.


I am choosing to believe this game is going to be awesome. We know it's coming, now we just have to wait for that glorious day in July. Knowing that day is coming will get me through anything for the next five months.