'Don't Forget What Got You There' - Brandon Aiyuk And His Family Keep Posting About Him Leaving The 49ers After Only Getting 3 Catches In The Super Bowl


Welcome to the offseason! I think the plane had just touched down in San Francisco when all these messages started to come out. I don't blame Brandon Aiyuk. Dude seems to always be forgotten about because they have Deebo, Kittle, McCaffrey and even everyone talks about quarterbacks nonstop. I'll go ahead and say it. Brandon Aiyuk is good at football and I for one would like him on the Giants. The best comparison I can make is he's the Kirk of the free throw shooting. #DKPartner 

If you watched last night, Kirk was sneaky the second best option they had until reinforcements showed up. He just stepped up, calmly drilled 4 in a row, walked off. You look at Aiyuk's stats and he has 6 catches, 113 yards. Not bad! He should get a decent contract, but welcome to professional sports. Just because you're good, doesn't mean the team has 1) the money to pay you or 2) want to pay you. Looking at you Saquon as I say that too. 

I do love the move though. Typically I'm against anyone outside the player saying anything. But, the season is over. We're already onto draft and free agency season. Every single fan is figuring out what players they want. Same goes for anyone associated with players. You need to set the tone that you want money and you're going to get money. 

That said, uhh, why are you saying you're going to Vegas? Who the hell is going to throw you the ball there? You want a rookie quarterback to deal with? I'd prefer winning plus stats. That's just me, a team guy. Best way to get over losing a heartbreaking Super Bowl? Start having everyone talk about how good you are and how you're going to get paid.