Liberty Students Make TikTok Explaining Their Universities Insane Rules

I still remember the day I learned that Liberty has 50,000 students attending it. Sounded fake to me. I'll blame that on being raised as an Irish Catholic in the northeast, but 50,000 students was so insane for me to hear about a college I didn't know. Just broke my brain. 

Let's get to the video. Here are the rules:

Students have a curfew....12 AM on weekdays, and 12:30 AM on weekends (Wednesday it's 10 PM)

This is the one that would drive me crazy. I'm not against rules, but saying I have to be in my room at a certain time when I'm over 18? GTFO.

Can't have the opposite gender in your dorm.

This makes sense as an evangelical school. 2 rules in and it sounds a lot like boarding school, which I will always remind people I went to when I get the chance. Personally, looking back on the strict rules of boarding school, I enjoyed it. You're almost forced to create relationships with the people surrounding you. There are downsides to that, but if it works, it works really well.


If you want to stay off campus, you have to get permission AND stay with a married couple.


Can't wear shorts or sweatpants to class.

I don't mind this. When you're walking around a college campus it looks like one big sleepover. If you wear something nice you stick out. 

Can't show any of your "mid drift" (abs) in the gym.

Can't drink any alcohol.

I was surprised by this because it includes students over 21 years old. I know drinking is a big debate in the church.

RA's will go through students rooms to make sure their rooms are clean and beds are made.

Not a fan of somebody going through my stuff, but do not mind the requirement of making sure everything is clean. 

Overall, I see why these rules are in place and also why some people wouldn't enjoy them. College in culture in America has turned completely degenerate and it's clear Liberty is trying to avoid that. I would be interested to see the overall approval rating of the students at Liberty after 4 years versus other students. That would be a great survey that could be continued for years to come as well. I would not be shocked if Liberty graduates are happier than the average American college grad. 

I wonder if these girls got any pushback for posting this video from the university. They do say they enjoy the university at the end and it's good, free marketing. I'm honestly shocked that TikTok isn't banned by the university.