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Why Didn't Barstool Radio Talk About The Keegs/Ohio's Tate Beef Today And Instead Spent An Hour Talking About Taylor Swift?


Some of the most frequent comments on this very blog are usually akin to "why are you blogging Taylor Swift when we want more Castellani Detroit Tigers news", "Dave lost his fastball", "this isn't a pirate ship anymore", etc. I've long thought those commenters were just that: commenters, a whisper amongst screams, the loud minority. That is until today after I listened to the entirety of the travesty that was Barstool Radio through our social guy Cody's MacBook speaker because no one here has headphones (a different decorum blog for a different time).

Radio used to mean something, and everybody was at mercy to it if you found yourself in some drama. Hell, even Guy Gate in gambling lore had me and Jack McCarthy as the only topic in an 8 hour radio day because Smitty and Jeff D Lowe didn't want to tell Dave and Dan about the sharpest gambler there ever was. You can be a pawn or the king, part of the contract you sign up for when working here is that your drama is going to be aired out, especially when KFC decided to bring back Barstool Radio a few months ago. 

Let me start by saying I don't really even have a side in the latest drama between Keegs and Ohio's Tate. I think it's just another boring blimp in the sky of drama that isn't manufactured, but ultimately a nothingburger regardless. That doesn't matter though when we're talking about numbies. If you live under a rock and missed it on Friday, here's basically the only 3 blogs you need to be up to speed:



I actually think Ohio's Tate is the last person who should be criticizing Keegs, who actually, and leave your incel thoughts behind for a second here, certainly does more than enough to justify her salary. She's not making Alex Cooper money and cashing in a check. And Tate appears out of thin air every few months to start beef with someone new, despite always picking fights with people the commenters will give him some brownie points for because he's basically useless otherwise. It's easy to write a blog about someone that you will never have to see because you are (generously) a quarter of a Barstool employee, and credit where it's due, Tate has mastered that in the only way he can get pageviews.

With all that being said, and I don't want to be dramatic here, you have to cancel Barstool Radio after today's performance. Dave has been busy at the horse races all weekend and spent his morning day trading, so who knows if he's seen this, but no wonder he says this iteration of the show sucks. You don't even bring up the number one thing that people are tuning in for and instead spend the hour talking about your weekend and Taylor Swift for an entire hour? There were 5,000 concurrent viewers tuned in and I can assure you 4,999 of them were there for at least one firework from Keegs after she was gone last week. Tommy Smokes used to love this drama shit and he just sat there with his tail between his legs talking about Mucinex because Meek Phill got the entire office sick. Riveting stuff guys!

The fact of the matter is that this show shouldn't exist if they're too scared of OHIO'S TATE to bring up the number one Barstool drama story in quite some time. I can't give you a look into pageviews from last week, but trust me when I say no topic was even remotely close, not Taylor Swift, the Dawg being unleashed, or an entire championship weekend in the NFL. Who knows if the video will see the light of day or not, but KFC who handed the show to Keegs sat in disgust when he heard they weren't going to even mention it.

We have no pot stirrers around today because Gaz is away, but it's a dark, dark day for the greatest reality show on the Internet. If we can't capitalize off our own content like we have been for decades, then signs are bleak for the future.

Maybe the commenters were right.