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Rubi Rose Runs Into Her #1 Spender On Her OnlyFans And The Guy Has Spent $62,000 In ONE MONTH On Her Page

Shock news of the week alert on a Friday afternoon. Rubi Rose, one of the most popular influencer/female rappers in the game right now is vying for her spot to be GTA 6's loading screen:

But in between her campaign, she's on tour and just met the #1 spender on her OnlyFans who has spent an unbelievable $62,000 in ONE MONTH on her page. 62 thousand dollars and my man can't even get a hug? Cold world. Zero surprise he's a self-described "crypto whale" because everyone knows crypto whales have no real sense of money. Just fake life those guys live. I remember some of them being at E11EVEN Miami one weekend and they blew a million dollars in ones in one night, second to only Bald Paul. 

Gotta admit I'm a little curious on why buddy's glasses look like they have camera lenses:

And his shirt says "IF I DIE DELETE MY BROWSER HISTORY". You can call this guy a lot of things, but what you can't call him is a liar. Regardless, what happened to shame? Now buddy not only spent sixty thousand in a month, but the tweet has ten MILLION views in an hour and is going mega viral so the whole world knows he's a hornier freak than Meek Phil. Maybe that end of world asteroid they were talking about doesn't sound too bad.