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Mr. Beast's Video Of Him Being Buried Alive For Seven Days Straight Has Racked up 57 MILLION Views In 24 Hours

Source - He attempted to stay buried alive for 7 days. This idea might be triggering for some people, so reader discretion is advised. On the other hand, most of his fans are already loving this video as it has surpassed 8 million views in 120 minutes!

For his latest YouTube video, the 25-year-old buried himself alive for 7 days in a glass coffin. To survive being buried alive, the YouTuber took some MREs and Feastables snacks, a five-gallon can of water, and a briefcase marked as ‘essentials’ packed by his friends. To ensure his safety, MrBeast had someone monitoring him 24 by 7.

The trailer:

After 7 days of being buried alive, his friends started to dig MrBeast out. But one risk remained. After lying down for 7 days, if MrBeast stood up rapidly, fatal blood clots could form in his body. So the group first brought in a medic to check his vitals.

After getting the green light, the YouTuber finally came out and celebrated hitting 200 million subscribers. 

Best. Stunt. Ever. The only problem is Beasty Boy royally fucked it up. He had an opportunity to escape it all and what did he do? He mic'd himself up and spoke for 168 hours. What an idiot. I cannot tell you how much I would pay for that type of solitude. No blogs, no clips, no recordings, no seeing my own face every time I open my fucking phone. It would be a dream. Then again, I haven't been alone with my thoughts in nearly a decade so it could turn to a nightmare. Regardless, the video aired ONE DAY ago and already has 57 MILLION views. I've linked it below. 

Here's what happened while he was under...

While MrBeast was buried alive, his friends decided to make this task more difficult for him. In a series of pranks, they ate steaks over his burying location and dug a hole to send a tiny camera down to spy on MrBeast. The next day, the group decided to make a tunnel to MrBeast’s burial point. After talking with his friends and having a good time, the 25-year-old also had an emotional breakdown.

On the night of day four, MrBeast said emotionally, “I hope tomorrow’s easier. It’s a weird feeling. I am very tired, but for some reason I can’t sleep. I don’t know. I’ve never had this happen before. Why am I crying? I don’t know.” This showed that solitude and being buried alive were taking a toll on his mental health.

I'd have been arrested for murder when I came out. The good news is he was able to break 200 million subscribers so I guess it was worth it? I don't know. I'd be curious to see how much money he made on that video alone. I feel like at this point him creating content is more of an addiction than it is a monetary necessity. The dude is worth $500 MILLION yet for some reason he can't give it a rest. Oh well. I'll watch whatever he puts out. Congrats on the no blood clots, Beast. Although if you did get them I'm sure it would've added a couple more zeros to your views. Next time. Have a great, everybody.