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Josh Dobbs Didn't Know His New Teammates Names And Had To Teach Linemen His Cadence Just Minutes Before Taking The Field Yesterday

Kevin C. Cox. Getty Images.

Hands down the coolest thing that happened in the NFL yesterday was Josh Dobbs stepping in for the Vikings mid-game and leading them to an amazing come from behind victory against Atlanta on the road. Now we do see this time to time where a backup gets flung into a game and sparks some life, becoming the hero. It's a little different when that backup was traded for just five days prior, didn't take one rep in practice, hadn't thrown a single pass to anyone on the team, and didn't even know some of his teammates names. That's what Josh Dobbs did on Sunday and it's pretty remarkable what he was able to do out there. 

The viral video of him taking practice snaps on the sideline and teaching everyone on the line his cadence is truly crazy. This is just minutes before going into the fire. Motherfucker didn't even know the names of these people around him. He saw some large guys with linemen numbers probably and just went near them hoping they were the right fellas. 

The whole situation is wild and hearing the stories coming out of the game are surreal. 

As someone who is typically terrified to ask questions in fear of sounding stupid, I admire the hell out of what Dobbs did here. This is probably part of the reason I'm not an NFL quarterback. Didn't ask enough questions. Dammit. 

While that situation certainly wasn't ideal to dive head first into, it probably was a bit freeing since he had nothing to lose. Like any mistake you make you can easily blame on not knowing any of the plays, teammates, etc. Instead of going down that road and riding the excuse train, he got the team the win. 

What an awesome guy. 

Now seemingly out of nowhere the Vikes are currently slotted in as the final wild card team in the NFC. With Dobbs running the show it's not that crazy to see them get to 10-7 and sneak in, is it? Considering Kirk Cousins tore his achilles a week ago yeah that's crazy to say, but hey it's not that unrealistic. 

How can you root against this man? 

With how many bad QBs that are out there right now, it's a little silly to see a guy like Dobbs switching teams as much as he does. Prior to Arizona he bounced around the league, from one practice squad to another in Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Detroit, and Tennessee. Maybe it's a hot take, but I think he'd be the better option at QB for two of those four teams, and maybe three if you're low on Watson these days. Obviously Arizona doesn't want to win games so they don't count, but he'd certainly be their best option as well. 

I understand he's not exactly a quarterback who is going to light up a stat sheet, but he can definitely limit turnovers and move the ball enough to keep you competitive. Seems like an awesome fella to have leading your team too. Just look at how the locker room embraced him.

 Had to feel so dope to get back in there after doing what he did. 

And now we've got Vikings fans shaving their eyebrows so they can be one with their new QB. What a world.