Gavin Newsom Officially Announces He Is Running for President By Steamrolling and then Spanking A Little Chinese Kid on the Ass



Let me start but saying I hate Gavin Newsom.    How's that for keeping it not political?   Anyway that's neither here nor there.    Everybody is entitled to their opinion.  But after watching this video I think it should be pretty clear that Gavin Newsom is running for President.   No it's not that he's in China which makes no sense when you're the governor of California unless you are running it's the pure unadulterated awkwardness of this video.  Just cringeworthy from start to finish.   The fact he was trying to show off his basketball skills like he was in the Harlem Globetrotters.   The way he failed miserably to spin the ball on his finger not once but twice. Then the behind the back dribble leading into a blatant charge on that poor Chinese kid and then wrestling him and spanking him on the ass.   Just such a perfectly awkward masterpiece that screams Democratic Nominee.