Jada Pinkett's 'Will Smith Humiliation Tour '23' Rolls on as She Says She Was 'Shocked' He Called Her His 'Wife'

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For most wives looking to degrade and cuck their husbands (and if that's you, seriously seek some psychological and spiritual counseling), simply cheating on him would be enough. And if you really want to emasculate him, bang your son's friend and call it a day. 

But if Jada Pinkett Smith has demonstrated anything over the last few years, it's that her desire to humiliate Will Smith knows no bounds. Even doing an interview with her ex where she drilled down into the details about how August Alsina drilled down into her lady parts during their "entanglement" didn't satisfy her bloodlust. For her, breaking a man down into a debased, degraded pile of mush was what Super Bowls were to Tom Brady. Enough was never enough:

And like Brady and his rings, her favorite insult was always "the next one." Including the one she landed today. On Today:

Holy smokes. This woman simply cannot stop. There is no Mercy Rule in her league.

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She will not call it a match until she's broken him down into his individual molecules. And even then, she'll probably set fire to them and piss on the ashes. Or worse, reassemble them so she can disintegrate him yet again. In the way Sauron would supposedly keep prisoners alive just so he could keep torturing them.

I mean, what will finally satisfy this succubus? She shot her ex a look like if he didn't go up on stage and physically assault Chris Rock, he'd be condemned to eternal torment. Then she claimed she had nothing to do with it. Even after it effectively has ended the career of one of the most bankable stars in Hollywood history. Now she blames the victim. Then this morning acts offended because Smith used this one particular four-letter word in the heat of battle? Like she wouldn't have been "shocked" if he's said, "Keep the name of the evil, vindictive shrew who I was married to until she had an 'entanglement' with our son's friend right under my nose and subjected me to every form of public degradation a man can suffer out of your fucking mouth"? Because that's a hell of a speech to expect someone to improvise on the spot. Even a Best Actor Oscar winner. 

But just as a reminder, Jada Pinkett has not yet begun to humiliate. This little dominatrix has a long way to go before she lets up. This might be coming next, but who knows how far she's willing to take it?

If you still care about Will Smith's well-being (personally I gave up at the exact moment his palm made contact with Chris Rock's face), the best you can hope for is he finds a way to forget he ever met her.

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