Even More NYC Facts For Your Saturday Morning

Here are some more NYC Facts I've done over these past few months. I posted some in a blog last week and someone said it was ideal to take a shit too. I think we can relate to enjoying a weekend poop so if I can help in anyway with that, I'm happy to.

This is one of my favorite improvements made to NYC over the past few years. Just not having to go into Penn Station ever again is great. On top of that, the Moynihan Train Hall is beautiful. 

I was talking with Robbie Fox who suggested I do more music history ones. I had done the John Lennon/Dakota NYC Fact but he was right that I hadn't done nearly enough. I should do another music one soon (any good suggestions, fell free to put them in the comments). I love learning about music history and I don't spend enough time learning about it. 

I tried shooting this like 5 times with me in the shot but it came out weird and my creepy silhouette was ruining the view. I think this absolutely was the best way to talk about the most beautiful building in NYC. I wish I had done a similar thing with the next one below.

I'm happy with the information in this one but I wish I did a better job showing how tall this building is. If I had to do it again, I might have done what I did with the Chrysler Building by getting on a taller building and get that view.

I especially love movie history so this was one of my favorites. The idea that so many great movie stars were at this studio and ate the now restaurant/then commissary that is on site is so fascinating to me. It's such a great example of how NYC is constantly changing but leaving behind so many cool stories. 

Here's the blog from last week I referenced earlier if you are looking for some more NYC Facts. I hope that got you to the end of your shit with this one. But if not, here you go.