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I Got Hit By A Car This Morning On My Bike And There Was One Cool Iphone Setting That It Made It All Worth It


Since I moved up North to Chicago, I've been riding my bike to work nearly every single day. I love it. I ride through the mean streets with my helmet, AirPods, and an eye out for any danger that I might come across with a zest for life that cannot be found inside a car. 

Over the past few months, I've had a few close calls but that happens. Ive had car doors almost opened on me (we call that getting door'd in the biz), dump trucks slam on their brakes right in front of me, and school buses acting like they own the whole damn bike lane smh. But, it's all worth it. Flying past all these cars as they are stopped on their way to or from work is a rush of a lifetime. 

Like most dads, I fuckin hate traffic. I will do nearly anything to avoid sitting there for an hour every day. My bike is that anything. 

This morning I was cruising listening to Garth Brooks and singing Momma Loves Papa. I love to sing while I ride. It's like vocal coffee. When the chorus started playing, a car swerved into the bike lane and clipped me pretty good. "OUCH," I said when my front tire slammed into their front passenger wheel well and I smashed my body into the ground. I gotta be honest, it hurt which is why I said ouch. Thank god I was wearing pants and a long-sleeved shirt or else I would have been road-rashed up. My hands, legs, and arm have some rash but it just kinda looks like I played in a super intense adult softball game. 

My poor bike, though. My brakes are fucked and my shifter (whatever that's called) is all twisted up. The bike still works, though, so I'll be right back on that thing this afternoon. 

Do you know what else works? The SOS setting on iPhone. 

I hit the ground, got up, looked myself over, and realized that my phone was ringing in my airpods. It was a dial out call. I wasnt in the mood to be placing a call so I was confused. 

I looked down and saw the sos notification. Iphone was calling 911 by itself. How fuckin wild is that? I was just cruising along at about 28-30mph and then came to a complete stop instantly. Steve Jobs knew that it wasn't normal for me to do that so, from heaven, he made the call. I was able to hang up because I didn't need medical services but if I did, that could have been a legit lifesaver. Android probably can't do that. Not only does Android have green bubbles but it wont even save your life. 

Anyway, my body hurts and I'm dirty as hell. That's ok though. It was my anniversary yesterday so I had sex. It's gonna be hard to bring me down from that high today.