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The NY Jets Need To Go Get Kirk Cousins

David Berding. Getty Images.

Kirk Cousins can be the Jets savior. He, more than any option, can lead this downtrodden franchise to the promised land. For Jets fans, the promised land isn't a Super Bowl trip. It's just making the fucking playoffs. We just want a competitive season where Sundays are fun as opposed to feeling like getting punched in the stomach each week.

The Vikings are on a road to nowhere. They are 0-3 and the season looks about closed for them. Kirk Cousins is in the last year of his contract. He'll leave at the end of the year and the Vikings won't get anything for him. Instead, they can trade him to the Jets and at least get some draft picks so they can rebuild this team around Justin Jefferson. Plus, if they trade Cousins they will help themselves get a better draft pick in a QB heavy draft next year.

John Angelillo. Shutterstock Images.

Zach Wilson is so bad, I am trying to trick my brain to like Carson Wentz or Matt Ryan. I've actually brainwashed myself to love Wentz. I'm just about at the point where if I see any random person throw a football more than 20 yards, I want them to start Sunday. Unless it's Joe Flacco. He just sucks. Please don't bring him back. He's somehow more washed up than Johnny Unitas who died in 2002.

This tweet got me more triggered than Kelly Keegs hearing KFC talk about Taylor Swift farting. The Jets absolutely have the draft capital to go get Kirk Cousins or Taylor Heinicke or someone who can help. It just gets a little complicated if the team we are trading with wants a pick for the draft in April.

The Jets have their own 1st/2nd/3rd for the draft in 2025 but the 2024 draft is a different situation. The Jets traded a 2nd round pick to the Packers for Aaron Rodgers that would become a 1st if Rodgers played 60% of the snaps this season. That obviously won't happen so it'll be a 2nd. Because it's still technically in flux, the Jets can't trade either the 1st or the 2nd. Now, the Jets could talk to the Packers and change the terms of the agreement to allow them to trade a first if need be. However, the draft return for 14 games of Kirk Cousins was never going to be a 1st rounder.

USA Today speculated it could be (2) 3rd rounders. If the Vikings really wanted a 2nd rounder, trade them the one from 2025. Just do something! The Jets are just standing there while teams fly by them and winnable games like last Sunday leak away like sand in your palm. I know what the Jets problem is. You know what the Jets problem is. Zach Wilson knows what the Jets problem is.

The Jets can easily fix this by making a phone call. Don't just stand there and watch another year go by. If you were Robert Saleh and Joe Douglas and another losing season could cost them their jobs, why would they wait? 12 years of not making the playoffs has allowed me to lose all self-respect as a football fan. So I am on my hands and knees begging the Jets to get Kirk Cousins. 

Just make the call to Minnesota. Please.