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Soldier Field Has Been ROBBED. $100,000 Worth Of Lawn Mowers And Gators Are Missing From The Bears

Whoever did this needs to turn themselves in and BEG for forgiveness. This is gross. This is like robbing a home when you know the entire family is away at a funeral. Have some decorum. Some honor. You can't kick a team when they're down like this. All week we heard how law enforcement wasn't at the Bears' they need to be. $100k in equipment and property damage. 

The only way I am okay with this is if the thieves are thinking this is in the best interest of the team. Pull the old Notre Dame move. Let that grass grow tall and thick and slow the game down. Tell this was about slowing the broncos or Messi down in a couple weeks and I can be on board. 

This is officially the wildest week in Bears history. Remember, it's always darkest before it's completely black.