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Do I Approve The Taylor Swift/Travis Kelce Relationship?

Jamie McCarthy. Getty Images.

First of all I'm writing this on a plane.   It seems like Kelly Keegs probably should have already blogged this story since it's right up her alley and she's got to pick up the slack after forcing the Mean Girls out of the company but I digress. 

More importantly do I approve of this Taylor Swift Travis Kelce relationship?   You know what?  I think I do.  I've come a long way from when I used to despise Kelce.   I always took it personal when he was compared to Gronk.  I looked at Kelce as a pompous asshole who never won anything but acted like he was god's gift to earth.   But over the years he's sort of won me over by the fact that he keeps dominating and you can talk the talk if you can walk the walk.  Plus I've met him a few times and he's a nice guy in person.   Way more down to earth and normal than I would have guessed by his onfield theatrics. 

Now don't get wrong I still think he's a huge spotlight guy.  I mean the man had his own dating show.   So I bet he likes the idea of dating Taylor more than actually dating her.  But that's okay.   Taylor loves dating big name celebs who are sure to break her heart so why not a football player over some DJ or musician?  Granted if she went the athlete route I'd picture her more of a Daniel Jones type guy but the heart wants what the heart wants.  Also I'm a firm believer that the athlete should get the girl not the band geek.  That's just Darwinism 101.  

So even though I think there is no shot in hell this relationship works or ever gets serious I do support it.  At the very least we should get a few good songs out of the break up.