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Jackson Mahomes' Sexual Assault Accuser Has to Close Her Restaurant After the Place Was Vandalized and Business Fell Off 75%

Just in case it wasn't clear to you before that Jackson Mahomes is a garbage human being after seeing this (Do we have to say "alleged"?) sexual assault caught on security camera at a Kansas City restaurant: 

And the subsequent fallout:

Including the added bonus that prior to grabbing that restaurant owner against her will and forcibly shoved his tongue in her unsuspecting mouth, he physically assaulted her teenage server and did the "Don't you know who I am?" thing:

It actually turns out that, all these months later, the situation has gotten even worse for this small business owner and the people she employs. No doubt due to the fallout from the incident with Jackson, she no longer owns a small business and they are no longer employed:

Yahoo - Aspens Restaurant and Lounge, the Kansas City-area restaurant where Jackson Mahomes is accused of shoving a waiter and forcibly kissing the owner, is closing five months after the alleged incident, according to the Kansas City Star. …

In an incident captured on surveillance video, he was seen grabbing Aspen Vaughn by the neck and kissing her for several seconds after he reportedly asked to speak with her about allegedly shoving a 19-year-old waiter. …

In the time since Mahomes was charged, Vaughn has claimed that her restaurant saw a 75% drop in business and that she now feels unsafe:

“I feel like definitely, since it’s occurred, my safety is definitely at risk,” she told The Star. “I’m feeling attacked by people I’ve never met. Why do victims not come forward? It’s because this is how they get treated.”

She told Fox 4 in July that she regrets the police involvement. The article notes that court documents say the father of the waiter originally called the police, and the matter reportedly became more serious when Vaughn was interviewed.

“We’ve had gas pipes cut. We’ve had the AC pipes cut from the outside, you know — you name it — it’s pretty much happened,” Vaughn said.

It would be ridiculous and irresponsible to say the answer to the question "Don't you know who I am?" is "Jackson Mahomes is the guy who would destroy the business of someone he's accuses of sexually assaulting." But it's not unreasonable to say "Jackson Mahomes is the guy who's supported by people who would destroy the business of someone he's accused of sexually assaulting." This is a pure guess, but it's a safe one, to assume that whoever cut Aspens Restaurant's gas pipes and AC pipes are somewhere among his quarter of a million Instagram followers. And that 75% drop off in sales is related to the criminal charges, and not dissatisfaction with the Chicken Parm. 

Which doesn't make Mahomes culpable. Not at all. Suggesting it does would be gross fair. But it does imply that the same sort of people who buy into his self-possessed, narcissistic, influencer bullshit and insufferable social media posts are assholes. The kind of assholes who would punish a business owner for the crime of being a sexual assault victim. Unless of course you want to believe the vandalism and the lost business are just a coincidence and not at all related to the criminal charges. In which case you might want to get tested for assholery yourself. 

If you have any kind of a soul, it should eat you up inside to see a small business like Vaughn's go under. It takes an enormous amount of work to get a restaurant up and running, and keep it in business. Which is why Barstool Fund was such a godsend to so many families. Well it seems that Aspen Vaughn's place was able to survive Covid lockdowns, a supply chain crisis, skyrocketing food and energy costs, and the ups and downs of the business cycle. But it couldn't survive one night of mayhem at the hands of terrible person like Jackson Mahomes. Best of luck to Vaughn in whatever the future holds for her.