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Let Us All Salute the Congressional Leader Who Got Sworn Testimony About 'Non-Human Biologics' Into the Public Record at the UFO Hearings

From testimony at today's congressional hearings into the UFO/UAP phenomenon:

Q: "If you believe we have crashed craft, as stated earlier, do we have the bodies of the pilots who piloted this craft?"

Former Air Force whistleblower David Grusch: "As I stated publicly earlier in my News Nation interview, biologics came with some of these recoveries. Yes." 

Q: "Where they human, or non-human biologics?" 

Grusch: "Non-human. And that was the direct assessment of people I talked to, that are still with the program."

Absolutely stunning testimony. Now part of the permanent Congressional Record. From now until the end of time, it will be entered into the official historic documents of our nation that a highly placed, extremely credible member of our defense and intelligence community has confirmed - under oath and pains and penalties of perjury - something the federal government has been denying since Roswell in 1947. That we have people in possession of biological beings not of this Earth. 

And speaking of bombshells, it's only fitting that we acknowledge the proud public servant who elicited this response from Grusch, Representative Nancy Mace of South Carolina.

There's no reason to get political here. If ever there was a bipartisan issue that all parts of the ideological spectrum should be able to come together in a spirit of patriotic cooperation, it's the issue of aliens in our midst. And that's what Rep. Mace is doing here. We are all indebted to her for serving the public like this.

I'm being perfectly honest when I say I know nothing about the congresswoman's policies, beliefs or platform. For the purposes of this blog, I didn't even look up her party affiliation. All I see from her Instagram account is that she represents the Lowlands. And having spent some time there last year, it's a beautiful, idyllic, wonderfully run area of these United States. 

I also see from her Gram that Ms. Grace devotes a great deal of time to helping her constituents with all manner of worthwhile causes:

And now she's serving all of humankind by cutting through decades of bureaucratic coverups and getting us - to borrow a space travel phrase - one giant leap toward getting the full truth. 

I say again I know nothing about her politics beyond her getting this important, history-making testimony into the record. This is not an endorsement and I won't be held responsible for any other her other policies. All I'm saying is, if the next aliens who come along ask to be taken to our leader? I nominate Rep. Nancy Mace.