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Why Hiring Gregg Berhalter Was An Incredibly Dumb Decision - US Soccer Had To 'Assure' Gio Reyna That He'd Have A Role On The Team

This, this right here is the prime example of why you couldn't bring back Gregg Berhalter. Gio Reyna looked every bit of the player we expect him to be with BJ Callaghan out there, now he's being 'assured' he'll have a role on the team. Uhh no shit. He's one of our best players, arguably our most talented player. At some point we need a report that him and Gregg talked, not Gregg just denying everything. Be the coach, call your player, sit his ass down and have a man-to-man conversation. 

I'll actually give Berhalter credit for 1) building up this roster, getting some dual-nationals to pick the USA and 2) doing what he was 'supposed' to with a young team at the World Cup. Advance from the group stage. Now it's time to actually take a leap with this group. No more just advancing from group stage and being fine with it. There are honest expectations, something even addressed by Gio: 

He's right. There's no reason we can't contend and win Copa America here in the USA. That's the sort of talent that we have and how we should be talking. But I keep saying it. Why bring Gregg back? He was out-managed against Netherlands and it was clear. There really wasn't a better option out there? And I'm fully aware that it's a legit 50/50 shot Gregg makes it to the 2026 World Cup, but these are the years we need to build on what we actually have. 

And, yes, the Reyna's need to stop being assholes. Pretty simple there too. But US Soccer having to assure Gio he'll have a role is asinine. It shouldn't even be a question. The only question is what formation are they going to run and who is the odd man out with the group we currently have in terms of starting XI.