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Today Is The Day. One Of The Best Days In Washington Sports History. One Of The Best Days Of My Life.


It's here. The day is actually here. It's right now. We are literally sitting, breathing the day that Dan Snyder will no longer own the Washington football franchise. It's actually, really, truly here. What an unreal feeling. What an unreal paragraph I'm typing right now. I want to keep typing words because I don't want this paragraph to end. It's so surreal.

I can say without much uncertainty that I have typed more words on the internet about how terrible of a human being Dan Snyder is. Not just how terrible of a football team owner he is, but deep down to his core what a shitty person he is. I have dedicated my life more or less to spreading the gospel about what a bad, undeserving person Daniel Snyder is. I vowed to never stop talking about it. To never stop writing about it. I don't even know the word count, it must be in the trillions. For a while I ended blogs with some sort of "I don't know what it'll take, but I still believe it will happen" about Snyder selling the franchise. I just saw the bigger picture- nobody can constantly get themselves into so much trouble with the league, with the lawsuits, with the allegations, and get away with it. Even with all the protection from Roger Goodell (who should not be off the hook for this stuff either), nobody could withstand it all. And now, our dreams are coming true. The sale is coming to fruition. It's actually happening.

It's pretty crazy, right? Like, I was talking to BMitch and Finlay yesterday and they brought up something from 10 years ago that I had forgotten about. Snyder has done so many terrible things that you forget about some of them. Pick out any week from the RG3/Shanahan Era and something happened that would be the most toxic moment for most other franchises- for us it was just another day in the life of being a Washington football fan.

To me, Dan Snyder is to blame for everything that has happened over the last 25 years. The reason we only have 2 playoff wins. The reason we play in the worst stadium in the league. The reason said stadium is 80% opposing team's fans week in and week out. The reason free agents don't want to come here. The reason coaches turn down jobs here. It all stems back to Dan Snyder. He has single-handily ruined this franchise and dismembered it limb by limb.

And after today, we get to rebuild. We get to start over with Josh Harris. We get to root for our favorite football team and not be embarrassed for it. To wear the logos without feeling like we are financially supporting an abuser. To show up on Sunday not wondering how terrible it will be, but to go in with optimism and pride.

Today is a great day for me, for you, for the world. Ding dong, Dan Snyder is gone.