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Weirdo Alert --Seattle Reporter Is Basically In Tears As He Begs Felix Bautista To Tell The Orioles To Stop Calling Him "King Felix"

How big of a LOSER can you be? Felix Bautista worked his ass off for years to get to the bigs. Was in High A for 6 years and is now an All-Star. As far as I'm concerned he's arguably the best pitcher in baseball. Today he was at the All-Star Game for the first time and enjoying himself until something named Dave "Softy" Mahler basically cornered him and hit him with the gotcha journalism approach. Bautista is from the Dominican Republic and uses a translator. So when a guy starts screaming at you to answer a question you kind of just say "yeah" and nod your head, that is what happened here.

Mahler is like shouting at him about the Orioles social media team (who do an unreal job) calling him "King Felix" like twice after the Orioles and Mariners played last week. If you forgot, Felix Hernandez was awesome for the Mariners, his nickname was "King Felix." That is where all this stems from. Bautista probably has no clue what this squid is talking about, meanwhile the guy is asking Bautista to relay a message to the Orioles social media team. 

What a grade A loser trying to pull this shit. It's a one gives a shit. Felix doesn't care, I bet Felix Hernandez doesn't care, why does this guy care so much that he had to pull out his phone and try and get a quote from Bautista? What a loser. This dude was so worked up about it he made it a point to ask Bautista on one of the best days of his live about it. Again, not using a translator, just screaming at him. 

How does MLB credential someone like this? How do they let this guy around players? You could tell how uncomfortable Bautista was, he wanted nothing to do with convo and starts to walk away while Softy is still talking to him. I can't get over how cringeworthy this was for this guy.

Also....we don't even call him "King Felix", he's "The Mountain" but you bet your bottom dollar I'm calling him "King Felix" now. Crumb bum loser getting actually butt hurt at this. It's incredible. Also a fun fact that both guys known as "King Felix" have never made the playoffs. That will change in a few months when the Orioles play in October. I just can't wrap my head around this dork. It's a nickname, get over it loser. Holy little brother syndrome.