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Video Has Surfaced of Britney Spears Getting Smacked By Victor Wembanyama's Security Guards

NY Post - In cellphone footage obtained by TMZ Friday, the pop superstar, 41, can be seen approaching the San Antonio Spurs player, 19, from behind.

“Excuse me, sir,” Spears says just moments before bodyguard Damian Smith whips his arm back on her face, knocking off her sunglasses.

I’m not sure if that was a smack, a slap, or something else but it wasn’t what I expected. I suppose she technically was hit in the face by Victor Wembanyama's security guard. It's not necessarily a lie to say that's what happened. And I guess that's a good thing right? Nobody wanted to see some security guard on what's probably his second week on the job turn around and cold cock Britney Spears across the teeth. But as far as "getting backhanded across the face" goes, that's was pretty tame.

It did make me think though, security guards are kind of put in a tough spot, right? They're paid to protect someone. In a lot of cases they're probably paid a good amount of money, and they're probably told to protect the person that's paying them by any means necessary. I don't know what Wembanyama has told his security guards, but hypothetically, say he's paying his security guard $100k per year, and he's told them "Don't let anybody touch me under any circumstances". If the security guard is told that, for that amount of money, that's what he's going to do. But it's not like he has the same protections police officers have. And it's not like it's illegal to touch somebody on the shoulder. If we could slap every person who touched us in the shoulder, there would be homeless crack-addicts laid out all across NYC. I mean... there already are. But you know what I mean.

Anyways, in most cases I'm sure cooler heads prevail, and a good security guard knows how to handle a situation like that in a way where nobody gets hurt. But it's gotta be a fine line sometime. I'm sure it's pretty easy to get overwhelmed in a crowded situation, then next thing you know you're batting civilians out of the way, and all of the sudden you accidently pop a washed up pop star in the nose. Then you got a lawsuit on your hands.

Either way, it's such a ridiculous situation for Wembanyama to be involved in. He's been in America for maybe a month, and he's already found himself in the midst of a lawsuit with the unhinged 41-year old version of Britney Spears. Bet he didn't have that on his bingo card for his first few weeks in the NBA. Dude was just trying to go be tall at Catch and next thing he knows he's on the receiving end of articles with quotes like this.

“His security then back handed me in the face without looking back, in front of a crowd,” the “Oops! … I Did It Again” singer further claimed in her post. “Nearly knocking me down and causing my glasses to fall off my face.” 

Also I don't know what the fuck this is about.

She can be heard shouting in a British accent, “That’s America for you! F–k you all!” 

Is Britney Spears British now? Did I miss something? It appears that I did…


So she just received one script that required a British accent then decide to make that her whole personality? Is it a method acting situation? When people lose their minds do they just turn British? Idfk. I've only been watching Britney Spears from a far over the past few years, but just about every single thing I see about her is concerning. Just a night out on the town for the now British Britney Spears, getting her glasses smacked off her face by a 19-year old kid's security guard. God bless, Britney. We at Barstool Sports wish you a speedy recovery, and a new pair a glasses.