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Megan Fox Is Still The GOAT

Dimitrios Kambouris. Getty Images.


Uhhhh yup!

Megan Fox showed up to the SI Swimsuit party last night and reminded everyone she's still the queen. If Megan Fox is there, everyone else is competing for the silver. I think even they'd admit it. It's like how they stopped giving Tom Brady the MVP because clearly he would win it every year. 


She's simply the baddest bitch in the room at all times.



There's only one person who can go toe to toe with her though…


Dimitrios Kambouris. Getty Images.


Martha from the top rope!!!!!

My heavens, talk about the dream threesome (sorry for being crass). 


One more for the road? Fuck it, I ain't drivin!


Taylor Hill. Getty Images.


Queen stay Queen.