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SI Swimsuit Issue Breaks Out The Star Power And Names Megan Fox And Martha Stewart As Two Of The 4 Cover Models

Look at Martha Stewart out here man! What a turn of life for Martha. She went from that lady on TV to prison to Snoop's best friend to SI Swimsuit cover model. One of the most hilarious stories is Martha Stewart turning into this after she was always just the lady on TV for the longest time. 

It does throw me off every year that SI still has a printed issue. I mean, shit, growing up that was one of the most important things that every house subscribed to. You got great shitting reading material (pre-phones/laptops/anything else). You had the Swimsuit Issue to look forward to and just had to beat everyone to get the mail that day. I also remember the classic SI Swimsuit covers: 

Clem wrote a good blog on these back in the day: 

But now we're up to four different covers? That feels like cheating. There should be one cover model. That's how it always was. You don't get four Super Bowl winners. You get one. This year we have four. Martha Stewart: 

81 years old and being named cover model. What a run, Martha. But then you have one of the most influential people for those in our 30s. Megan Fox on a cover: 

She deleted everything off her Instagram, so here are some gifs for you

Giphy Images.
Giphy Images.
Giphy Images.

Joining them are Kim Petras and Brooks Nader. Petras is apparently a singer. 

And then Brooks Nader is a 5-time (Booker T Voice) SI Swimsuit model: 

I'm still shocked they didn't put Livvy Dunne on the cover. She's a pageviews cheat code. You put her anywhere in the title and you're getting clicks. That would have made too much sense though. I still can't believe we went from Tyra Banks, Marissa Miller, Kate Upton, Nina Agdal, you name the model to Martha Stewart.