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Dillon Brooks Should Never Play For The Grizzlies Ever Again After Losing By 40 To Get Eliminated By LeBron and the Lakers


Fucked around....



….found out.


And thus ends the Dillon Brooks coverage, where the world watched the worst heel in sports history go out in historic fashion to the tune of a 40 point loss.

Dillon Brooks was pitiful all series long, and made the entire Grizzlies organization look like the dumbest motherfuckers on the planet. As I wrote before, if they don't win this series, Dillon Brooks can never play for them again. He has ruined all credibility the team was trying to build and they will forever be known as clowns as long as he is on the roster. If I'm the Grizz I move on from him before the plane touches ground in Tennessee. 

It was fun to watch, and I'm sad it's over, but I am glad LeBron was able to get this W. And we will see if Dillon thinks twice before poking the bear next time.