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Welcome To Vegas: UConn Had To Switch Team Hotels On Tuesday Because Their Rooms Were Reportedly Covered In Vomit And Dirt

[Source] - What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. The UConn men's basketball team found that out the hard way on Tuesday.

When the Huskies arrived at their hotel on Tuesday evening, they immediately found several of their rooms to be in awful condition. Let's just say the rooms' previous occupants seemingly enjoyed Vegas a little too much. No tigers or roosters running around the rooms, but it apparently looked like the boys from 'The Hangover' had been there the night before. Dirt, vomit ... and worse.

The NCAA is in charge of booking hotels for each team, and after UConn appraised it of the situation, the Huskies were moved to a nearby, high-level hotel.

Oh 'worse'? I think we know what that means. There was cum all over that room. I mean what else is worse that you can't say. You can say shit. You can say someone pooped all over the walls. But leaving out the word makes me think they are talking about cum. I'd want to get out of that room too. 

But this is just hilarious. UConn is the sneaky Final Four pick and have looked good, don't get me wrong. But then they get to Vegas and show up to see their rooms covered in filth. Yeah, I'd want out of there too. Except, this is a Hurley coached team. Part of me is shocked Hurley didn't have them embrace the filth and use it as motivation. That seems like something Dan Hurley would do no questions asked. 

I'm even more pumped for the Hurley/Muss coaching matchup now. Two lunatics. Two guys who will fight, take their shirts off and absolutely berate a ref until they cry. Now you're going to have Hurley extra pissed because of this. Need cameras on them at all times. 

At the same time, how does the NCAA fuck this up that bad? I know shit happens at hotels, obviously. But this is Vegas. Maybe make sure you don't book something that's pretty well accepted as the dump in Vegas. 

Maybe give the guys something a little nicer for a trip to the Sweet 16. Then again, there's simply not enough money for the NCAA to do this. I love the AD saying he didn't want to make a big deal because everything worked out after the move. Sure, that's great and all. But if Arkansas beats UConn tonight, fans gotta be screaming about this. Only reasonable way to react. 

Bang up job, NCAA.