Welcome To The Neighborhood, Mr. Rodgers! The Future HOF QB Finally Confirms His Intentions To Play For The Jets Next Season

Aaron Rodgers is officially a New York Jet. I don’t know what secrets Woody Johnson (of Johnson & Johnson) told him about the vaccines rollout covid and everything to convince him to trust him to go, but we are either going to see Kyrie 2.0 or the greatest mainstream media troll to outplay the negativity. 

No matter what happens to the jets this season, we will see a fully radicalized Zach Wilson who is going to be SENT down the conspiracy rabbit holes that Deshone Kizer barely escaped. 

Aaron Rodgers will be coming to the Jets with an amazing defense, a huge collection of amazing targets, a healthy Breece Hall, and hopefully an Oline that plays up to its potential. With that, I am calling the Jets to the Superbowl. I mean, with tools that made Mike White look amazing, Flacco put up insane numbers in a couple of games, and Wilson was serviceable at times. This is will be the second worst crash and burn in New Jersey like the Hindenburg, or the greatest Jets season since 1969. There's no in-between.

Aaron Rodgers needs targets. He had no targets in Green bay recently, and now he has ROTY Garrett Wilson, Denzel Mims, Uzomah, Elijah Moore, Tyler Conklin, and a stable of RBs. Aaron Rodgers would just have to play smart veteran football to win ten games and make the playoffs. This is the greatest Jets team on paper since 2010. Am I saying this team is going to win the Superbowl? Well, it will be a crazy upgrade from the team that beat the Bills twice, Packers at home, and played close games with the Patriots. 

Hell, he may even rehabilitate Zach Wilson to make him good after Rodgers leaves or retires; you can tell Aaron Rodgers's media attitude might just be what Zach means. If he doesn't believe the media is actually telling the truth, he might gain some confidence back. 

Also, Aaron, these offers all stand. 

I'll tell yeah, Aaron Rodgers is going to be some hell of a spectacle in Metlife. It's going to be awesome. 

So it's not totally official, but the Jets need to iron everything out to make sure he gets the compensation, and free agents landed. He didn't specifically say it was officially official but they just need to figure it out. 

He commented on who is succeeding him in Green Bay and said they are in a great spot!

Let's hope this all ends up going well and heeds Brett Favre's warnings.