Patrick Mahomes Had One Simple Goal Last Night After Winning The Super Bowl - Get Drunk As Hell By Hammering 100 Beers

It's not exactly a secret that Patrick Mahomes enjoys his beer. It somehow makes him relatable. Think about how many times you've said to yourself 'I just want a beer right now.' However instead of doing it because of a presentation or a meeting or whatever, you decide to drink 100 beers because you won the Super Bowl. You put yourself in a different category by winning two now. You also have to deal with a screaming wife and dancing brother. I'd drink 100 beers too. I'd be having people say this about me if I had the success on the field and dealing with everything else like Mahomes: 

Shit think about the last parade. He displayed a perfect parade day chug.

The man likes beer. Throw in the fact he's having one of the best starts to a career we've seen from a quarterback and he just seems like an enjoyable dude. You mostly have to get him away from his family and look at it as just Patrick Mahomes. I get that. But he needs 100 beers. I get it. Like I said, he just won a Super Bowl. It's what he should be saying. 

Also, say what you want about the guy, this picture is AWESOME 

Big fan of the title belt addition. As someone who grew up with 90s and early 2000s wrestling, it holds a special place in the heart. There was nothing cooler than having a title belt as a kid. Just carry that bad boy around like you own the joint. Also impossible to say no when again, you just won the Super Bowl. Talk all the shit you want. 

PS: Hilarious that this was to Matt Nagy. I know his former past with the Chiefs. But all I can think about is Bears Matt Nagy. What could have been.