When Kyle Brandt Passionately Awarded Dameon Pierce With The Angriest Run Of The Year, The NFL Honors Crowd Was NOT Feeling It

Oh boy. This is two and a half minutes of television gold. I wish Kyle Brandt would've taken even more time and started openly chanting, "NO ESCAPE! NO ESCAPE! NO ESCAPE!" to troll his captive audience as he paraded around like a madman with that Angry Run scepter. I do understand that you can only maintain that type of intensity and abuse of your vocal cords for a short period of time. Commendable effort all around from Mr. Brandt.

Am I in the minority on this, though? It seems like Twitter is shitting all over Kyle Brandt, talking about how cringeworthy and awkward the whole scene was. I think that was precisely the point. That's what he's going for. It's purposely way over the top and I admire Brandt for sticking to the bit. He's done it all year on Good Morning Football and it's been running for multiple seasons now.

Apparently y'all NFL Honors folks didn't get the memo. Look at these people. 

I almost can't watch the video more than once because it's so painful but every time I do it just gets me all over again.

If you ask me, any negative backlash should be attributed more of a programming issue than anything else. Somebody who produced the NFL Honors show should be accused of creative malpractice. You set Damar Hamlin's whole thing right before Brandt breaks off into his Angry Run segment?? Yo NFL/Goodell, do you watch your own network's programming!? Surely you were aware of the tirade this man was about to go on…right?

When you understand all the pieces that ran before and after Brandt's hype man monologue, I get why some people weren't in the mood. But damn tough crowd. I'm now wondering if Brandt will be invited back next year to do it all over again. My guess is he will since Goodell seemed to be enjoying it.

That'll be yet another widely unpopular decision by the commish, but one I will concur with.

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Good for Dameon Pierce, sitting there and taking it with a smile when Brandt was literally screaming at him, "I LOVE YOU!" about one foot away from his face.

…Oh and hey, at least the Texans won something for once! I'm pulling for you, Houston. Let's hope DeMeco Ryans and 2023 NFL Draft QB X can get it done for ye.

I'm still sitting here laughing my ass off at this whole thing. The spectators are just like a mix of confused, put off, oblivious and/or totally ambivalent to everything that's happening even as this man is putting his whole body into his passion project. Keep going, Kyle Brandt. I'm here for it. When someone's bombing and not committing, then it's no fun. When someone's bombing because the room doesn't get the bit and they power through 100% committed anyway, you can't help but respect that even if you don't find it funny like I do in this instance.

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