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I Found The King Of The Alpha Males. His Name Is Jim, And He's A 73 Year Old Grand Master Karate Champion, Who Loves Rambo Movies, Classic Rock, And Pumping Iron

Shout out to my friend Magee who sent this to me the other night. I watched this first video up top and have been obsessed ever since. 

I'm not sure I've ever come across a person I never knew existed, but instantly realized how badly I needed to meet them, and pick their brain before. That man for me is Big Jim. And you're about to see why.

He is the Alpha of all Alphas. 

The man is 73 years old and somehow has lived what seems to be 20 different lives. He's grabbed life by the balls and twisted. We should all aspire to be half as great.

His resume speaks for itself. 

For starters. The guy trained with Bruce Lee. Kinda a big deal.

He managed Chuck Norris' Karate studio!

Back in the day, he was a fucking brick shithouse.


Look at that physique and tell me you're not impressed. You can't. All ribs and dick. 

And to be honest, 50 years later he still looks pretty damn good.

He's been a badass basically since day 1.

Question. Have you ever owned a Stingray Corvette like this? Maybe you have. But I bet you didn't have a vanity plate this sick.


He used to fuck people up.

And he's been breaking hearts his whole life. Like Pamela Anderson. Ever heard of her?


He's also been swimming in primo gash since he learned how to walk pretty much.


How much puss do you think these three guys pulled back in their day? Sheesh.

He's chivalrous.

Bruce Lee and Dean Martin. No big deal.


He met Led Zeppelin.

Just a specimen.

He's friends with animals.


He's always been all-natural.

It also appears he's related to the goddess Sydney Sweeney

He was a cover model.


He may or may not have invented protein shakes.

He rode a mean hog.

He's a war hero.


He was a movie star.


He's charitable.

Just ripped.

He has thoughts on the economy for all you little pussies out there too.

He may, or may not believe King Kong was real.

He's a man of the people.

He can dunk and take selfies at the same time.

Arnold looked up to him. Literally 

And he's still getting it done day in day out. You either get hard in the gym, or you get soft. 

Forrest Gump was great and all, but we need a Big Jim Williams biopic and we needed it yesterday.

God bless you Big Jim! Please take me up on my offer and let me hire you for a weekend.